Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an excellent way for nursing students to explore their future career and to see how the skills they are learning relate to work. It is also a great way for a mentor to bond with his/her mentee and show what the role of a CNL is really like. In addition to experiencing the role of a CNL, the job shadower can ask questions, get a sense of a CNL’s day-to-day routine, and become familiar with the mentor’s practice setting.

At CNLA, we encourage our members to allow students to shadow them on the job. These very impressionable experiences can by as short as a few hours, a day, or as long as a week.

Students: Request a mentor and/or job shadow opportunity.

Practicing CNLs: Sign up to have a student shadow you.

Note: You must be a CNLA member in good standing to participate in CNLA’s Mentor or Job Shadow program.