CNLA Five-Year Plan

On March 22, 2012, the CNLA Board of Directors reviewed, revised and approved the organizations strategic goals. The revised goals are listed below:

  • Provide educational opportunities for our members and educate the general public of the CNL role.
  • Continue to partner with AACN to educate, promote and sustain the CNL role nationally. Our annual meeting will occur during the AACN/CNL summit held annually at the end of January each year.
  • Continue an annual CNLA conference to educate, promote and support the CNL role.
  • CNLA will continue to work with health systems and partners that support the goals of the CNLA in support of the annual conference(s).
  • Will continue to work with the AACN as participants to develop and refine the CNL core competencies
  • Partner with the CNC for administrative assistant services, development of CNL educational opportunities and a CNL research symposium.
  • Create a Knowledge Bank of CNL outcomes to validate the impact of the CNL role and to provide our members concrete examples of CNL projects.
  • Continue to develop an online community of members to share outcomes, learn from CNL experience, collaborate and network in an effort to support the CNL role as it continues to expand.
  • Quarterly newsletter to promote CNL achievement and highlight educational opportunities and certification requirements.
  • Monthly continuing education presentations to provide credits core to the CNL certification process and the needs of our members.
  • Develop a committee to provide CNC certification fees to needy CNL students.
  • Continue to meet the evolving needs of our membership.
  • Continue to develop CNLA regional chapters.
  • Develop a Marketing Committee/strategy for CNLA member recruitment and retention.
  • Target to increase membership each year by 10% each year with a 50% renewal rate each year. (Will look at this after analyzing previous years)