Strategic Goals

ICNLA Five-Year Plan (2023 – 2028)

The International CNLA board of Directors reviewed, revised, and approved the organizations strategic goals as follows:
• Provide educational opportunities and support of scholarship for our members through our partnership with Journal of Nursing Care Quality.
• Provide annual Evidence Based Practice/Research Awards supported by the Wolters-Kluwer Journal of Nursing Care Quality partnership.
• Provide education to healthcare partners, patients, and the public about the CNL role and responsibilities.
• Partner with AACN to promote and sustain the CNL role and competencies.
• Partner with CNC to promote ICNLA membership and educational opportunities.
• Provide an annual Fall conference every 2 years to support the CNL role and partners, offer a CNL Review Course and promote scholarship opportunities.
• Maintain collaboration with health systems and partners to support the goals of ICNLA.
• Maintain an online community of members to share CNL outcomes, collaborate on scholarship and share knowledge and resources.
• Promote CNL achievement and highlight educational opportunities and scholarship on the ICNLA website.
• Maintain the ongoing needs of ICNLA members.
• Continue to support current and evolving ICNLA chapters. Both in person and virtually.
• Develop a Marketing Committee to strategize CNL members recruitment and retention.
• Maintain an up-to-date website for members and partners to promote collaboration related to the CNL role.

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