CNLA Committees

CNLA has established several key committees to advance its mission and facilitate the growth of the organization. If you are a Full CNLA Member in good standing, you are encouraged to participate on one of the following committees. To get involved, send an email to the contact of the committee that you wish to serve.

Chapter Development Committee

Contact: Tina Ralyea

The Chapter Development Committee is an official committee of the CNLA Board, which is comprised of active, interested CNLA members from all over the country.

The committee is charged with recommending to the Board a set of clear and sustainable processes that will determine the governing rules for CNLA chapters, including:

  • describing the path for a local group of CNLA members to become an active Chapter
  • defining the financial relationship between the local chapters and CNLA national organization
  • promoting the integration of sound business principles into the local organizations
  • advocating for practices that further the mission and vision of the CNLA, and ensuring that they are integrated into the local healthcare community
  • determining marketing guidelines to uphold the integrity of the CNLA brand at the Chapter level.

Conference Planning Committee

Contact: Michael Culver and Erica Frazier

The Conference Committee is charged with the development and management of CNLA conference, continuing education credit for the conference, the certification exam review course, conference sessions, and other communications needed related to the conference events. The committee is comprised of CNLA members who are able to devote the necessary time to planning and launching successful CNLA events, and/or are able to serve as a CNLA representative for the annual AACN CNL Summit. Specific duties include participation on committee conference calls; development of conference programs, securing speakers, handling event logistics, and managing onsite execution, including onsite registration, and other duties as needed.

Evidence Based Practice/ Research Award Committee

Contact: Coming soon!

The EBP/Research Award Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the de-identified award applications submitted by nominees, choosing the application(s) to receive the award and reporting this information to the Board of Directors within a specified amount of time. These committee members are expected to devote the necessary time required to thoroughly review each application in detail to ensure appropriate grading of each application for reporting purposes to the board. Specific duties include participating on an ad hoc basis on board conference calls, sharing information regarding the award with colleagues and remaining updated on the grading criteria and requirements of accepted applications.