I’m a CNL Student seeking a Mentor

As a nursing student, you undoubtedly have many questions about your future profession. What’s it like working in a healthcare facility? What will my daily routine be like? How does the CNL role differ from other certified nursing roles? After graduation, what steps do I take to get certified as a CNL?

These are all legitimate questions and can be answered by a CNLA mentor. More importantly, a CNLA mentor can be your personal source of information about becoming a CNL. In addition, he or she can be a valuable resource to you as you prepare to enter the job market.

CNLA believes that mentoring is a valuable experience for nursing students. The Board strongly encourages you to seek a CNL mentor at CNL events such as the CNL summit or the CNLA Fall Conference. These events serve as great opportunities to network and learn from others working in different areas of the vineyard.

If you are a student and a CNLA member, please click here to download a list of CNL Mentors.

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