CNLA Committees

Part of the renewed 2015 Strategic Goals we ask that all committee members complete the attached agreement and return the the committee chair.

Committee Agreement

CNLA Committees have been realigned to the following categories:

•Conference Planning
•Continuing Education
•Research and Scholarship
Communication and Marketing
•Business Relationships
Leadership Development

More Details to come in the first quarter of 2015!!

Prior to 2015 the original committees of the CNLA includeded:

CNLA has established several key committees to advance its mission and facilitate the growth of the organization. If you are a Full CNLA Member in good standing, you are encouraged to participate on one of the following committees. To get involved, send an email to the contact of the committee that you wish to serve.

Chapter Development Committee


The Chapter Development Committee is an official committee of the CNLA Board, which is comprised of active, interested CNLA members from all over the country.

The committee is charged with recommending to the Board a set of clear and sustainable processes that will determine the governing rules for CNLA chapters, including:

  • describing the path for a local group of CNLA members to become an active Chapter;
  • defining the financial relationship between the local chapters and CNLA national organization;
  • promoting the integration of sound business principles into the local organizations;
  • advocating for practices that further the mission and vision of the CNLA, and ensuring that they are integrated into the local healthcare community; and
  • determining marketing guidelines to uphold the integrity of the CNLA brand at the Chapter level.

Conference Planning Committee


The Conference Committee is charged with the development and management of CNLA conferences, seminars, and other member events. The committee is comprised of CNLA members who are able to devote the necessary time to planning and launching successful CNLA events, and/or are able to serve as a CNLA representative for the annual AACN CNL Summit. Specific duties include participation on committee conference calls; development of conference programs, securing speakers, handling event logistics, and managing onsite execution, including onsite registration, and other duties as needed.

Membership Marketing Committee


The Membership Marketing Committee is charged with developing strategies to increase CNLA’s brand awareness nationally, and creating marketing campaigns aimed attracting and retaining members. The committee develops guidelines governing the use of the CNLA logo and issues branding and marketing guidelines to CNLA chapters. The Marketing Committee offers its expertise and guidance to other committees for the purpose of supporting their endeavors. For instance, in collaboration with the Communications Committee, the Marketing Committee determines how to leverage the organization’s website, in its overall marketing strategy. Working with the Conference Committee, the Marketing Committee provides feedback and guidance on marketing CNLA conferences, seminars and other member events.

Communications Committee


The Communications Committee oversees the development of CNLA’s quarterly newsletter and manages content at the organization’s website, As such, the committee sets editorial guidelines for both publications and sets quality standards for each. Specific duties include: establish the newsletter’s editorial calendar, identify writers and oversee the development of articles, and select CNL research studies appropriate for publishing at the website.

Continuing Education (CE) Committee

The Continuing Education (CE) committee coordinates 10 monthly presentations annually for CNLA members. Each month, a one-hour ANCC continuing education presentation is offered to support the CE requirement for CNL certification. The CE Committee seeks speakers who are willing to present topics related to the implementation of the CNL role, education of CNLs, and the outcomes CNLs have produced in their organizations. The monthly CE presentations are presented live and recorded as podcasts that are posted on our website for ease of access for those who are unable to attend or for future reference. The CE committee conducts monthly information calls, schedules speakers through the assistance of AACN, and plans each CE presentation with CE committee members. A report of monthly activity and CE presentations are presented to the CNLA Board and members at the annual CNL Summit in January.


If you are interested in presenting on a continuing education topic, please contact the CE Committee at